Getting rid of hair bumps. No problem.

Just some friendly advice. A couple of weeks ago I had a client tell me that he got bumps on the back of his neck when he had to go to another barber. I know there are some of you who can relate to this. The worse feeling in the world is to see a patch of bumps growing anywhere on your neck or face. My client told me that he thought the barber’s clippers were dirty. This is a concern for customers! To those of you who go to barbers to get your haircut, I am going to give you some advice, ask your barber to spray his clippers and combs before he services your hair. I get the impression, from myself and other barbers, that customers are hesitant to ask the barber this question. If you are sitting in the chair of any reputable barber then he or she will not mind if you ask them this question. In fact, they should be glad to do so considering that they are legally obligated to do this by the state barber administrative agency. I told my client to make sure he asks this question if he feels uncomfortable about the cleanliness. I also told him to make sure he tries to stay with a consistent barber who practices proper sanitation. Dirt from clippers, hats, finger nails, glasses, wave caps, and other items can also cause bumps and its important to keep these items clean as well. An effective bump removing product that I recommend to my customers is Kiti Kiti. It’s great to use, non-oily, mint-smelling, and easy to apply during the morning or after your haircut. It’s usually for sale at a local hair supply store or online. However, the most effective way to remain free of bumps is to stay clean and ask your barber to help you stay bump free. Have you ever wanted to ask your barber to do this? What do you use for bumps?


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