Do you want waves in your hair?

I remember someone asking me how did I get my waves to form and spin so good. Back then I told them I was just blessed with some good hair, “from my momma” I said. Years down the line after becoming a barber and getting the chance to talk to hundreds of customers I decided to write about what works for most people.

The number one key to getting waves to form in your hair is brushing. I can not stress how important this is when you are trying to form waves in your hair. Sometimes I get parents that ask me how can their child get waves in their hair. The children are usually twelve years or younger and kids at that age typically don’t care to much about getting waves in their hair. I tell the parents that if they or the children are not going to dedicate the time to brushing then they may want to wait until the child has the desire to get waves themselves. Somehow when we were young we had all the time in the world to brush our hair. Don’t get me wrong, some kids are truly blessed with good hair and can get waves without almost even trying. But most of us need that brush.

Step number two is to let your hair get thick. I know what you are thinking! You don’t want to go without having a crispy haircut. However, waves are actually a curl pattern in the hair and if the hair is not long enough then the curl pattern can not form. Think about a piece of string, when you tightly pinch it with your thumb and index finger and slide it down to the bottom the string curls up. This is the same with our hair. Consider just getting edge ups from your barber when going through this phase.

In all actuality these two steps when done should create a wave pattern. If your hair is still not cooperating then you can look to other techniques and products that can help you get waves. A few of my clients share the same technique in getting waves to form in their hair. First they dampen the hair with a hot towel to soften it. Next, they place a small amount of grease in their hair for shine and hold. There are tons of products on the market for waves from pomades, gels, creams, or even texturizing. When I was younger I used Murray’s Wave Grease and it definitely had me spinning. However, I didn’t like the build up and how it clogged up my hair. I would recommend that you wash your hair 1-2 times per week if you are going to use a pomade. Gels and creams are a lot lighter and don’t build up as much as pomades. After you place your product in your hair then you brush. Then you brush some more and some more… Afterward, to get a good hold and really lock in those waves that begin to form you may want to use a wave cap. Most wave caps are the same and I haven’t come across any that are different in the way they work. However, I will say that you need to be extremely careful when purchasing one with the two strings that tie around the back of the head. This is a major cause of premature balding in the nape of the neck (the back of the head or neck). The reason why is because most people wear these wave caps for to long of a period and it cuts off blood circulation. Well guess what? Your hair needs blood to grow and stay healthy. So please be careful when choosing to wear this type of wave cap. I would not recommend to wear it more than 30-45 min at a time.

If you do these steps consistently for a minimum of 2-4 weeks you should begin to see some waves forming. Just remember that brushing is really the key to getting waves. These are some of the techniques that my customers use and I would like to hear about what you do. So leave a comment and let us know.


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