Should I shampoo my hair?


I can’t stress how important it is to shampoo your hair before you get the haircut. I see a lot of clients over the weeks (over 70/week), and they understand how it benefits both them and myself when you shampoo your hair first. In between haircuts your hair attracts a lot of dirt that works against the clippers when trying to cut the hair off. If you are one of those people that like to put wave grease such as pomade in your hair on the way to the barbershop, STOP doing it today. A barber’s clipper can not cut through tough pomade as easily as it could through clean hair. As barbers, we need the hair to fall off as easily as possible. If you are in a rush and don’t have time to shampoo your hair before you get to your barber’s chair then ask him/her to do it for you. I promise they will love you for it. The customers get better haircuts and the barber’s clipper doesn’t get clogged up with mountains of pomade grease and other dirt.

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