Should you use Bigen for your haircut? What is it?

Okay, so you have a special event to attend. A wedding, a big party, a photo shoot, or a big date with that special person you’ve been waiting to get for so long. What can you do for your hair to really help you stand out and make a good impression? While there are numerous things that you can do I often recommend to my clients a Bigen Haircut service. What is it? Simply put its just permanent hair color. However it’s the technique in applying the Bigen which makes it the number one hair enhancement product on the market right now. When applied appropriately Bigen will give you a very define line and full look to your hair. So to those of you that may want to hide a thinning spot, Bigen will definitely help you with this. However, there are some precautions that one should take before applying Bigen. A patch test should be done in order to verify if the client has any allergic reaction to the product. One may also want to make sure that his/her hair is clean of any grease or pomade because it could affect the hair taking in the color. Your barber should be able to handle it from there. Keep in mind that there is an art to applying the Bigen to your haircut so results may vary. Many celebrities, athletes, and entertainers use Bigen hair color to enhance their haircut. There are several different colors offered by Bigen which you can checkout at, however they mostly offer darker colored dyes. Rest assured that if you want to make a great impression with your haircut Bigen will definitely give you the crisp and full look that you’re looking for. Take a look at some of the photos below by Mont da Barber and feel free to Like us on Facebook or Follow on Twitter.








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